Establishing Effective Protocols in Physical Education Class

Classroom Mangagement in PE


We are excited about your interest in taking this PE Course on Establishing Effective Protocols from PE Central. Below you will find a brief course description, the instructor's biography, and course FAQ's. We estimate that this course will take 4 hours to complete. Once you have completed it, you may request the 4 hours towards your teacher licensure recertification.

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Target Audience:
We have designed this online course for K-12 physical education teachers. The course focus is on developing classroom management protocols that are crucial in creating an effective learning environment in physical education.

Course Purpose:
The purpose of this course is to describe effective classroom management techniques in K-12 physical education and enable teachers to apply this knowledge to their physical education classroom situations.

Course Description:

Establishing an effective learning environment in the gym is critical to student success (and learning) in physical education. There are a number of strategies that physical education teachers can employ to create this atmosphere in their classes. This course provides information on effective classroom management techniques that have been proven to promote a successful learning environment. Teachers will apply this knowledge as they develop management protocols and discipline procedures for their own classrooms.

Course Goals:

On completion of this course students will be able to:

  • describe effective management and behavior protocols in physical education
  • explain characteristics of effective discipline systems in physical education
  • develop management protocols and discipline systems for their own classrooms


This course addresses the following standard:

Standard 4: The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

(SHAPE America (2014). National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education)

Course Materials:

All reading materials are available to download in the form of PDF and video files from within the course module.

Video clips are provided that illustrate some of the classroom management protocols in action. Although these examples are from elementary physical education classes, the concept is the same for middle school and high school physical education.

To successfully complete this course, it will help if you have access to a physical education class or be able to describe a physical education class situation. You will create your own management protocols appropriate to your class situation.

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Your Instructor

Marybell Avery
Marybell Avery

Marybell Avery received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before serving as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Exercise Sciences at Creighton University. She retired in 2015 after serving 21 years as curriculum specialist for health and physical education for Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her primary work focus is K-12 health and physical education curriculum, including professional development of teachers, instructional practice, assessment of student performance and program assessment. She enjoys golf, biking, walking, strength and aerobic training.


Texas Elementary School

PE Teacher

"This course helped me to examine, evaluate, and analyze my PE program to ensure that my students are getting the best learning experience. Reviewing appropriate protocols helped me to tweak a few routine things in order to make sure I'm meeting all students' needs in PE. What I noticed as I read articles,watched videos, and responded to thought provoking questions was that I was not maximizing total activity time during my class time of 55 minutes. I received great suggestions on how to make that happen from my instructor. Thank you PE Central for offering this great course so I can continue to grow as a productive PE instructor."

Middle School

PE Teacher

"As a first year teacher, the information I learned in this course was very valuable. I enjoyed the course work but learned as much from teacher feedback."

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