Starting a Successful Summer Reading Program

Why it's Important and Simple Ideas to Make it Successful


"So many great ideas! I’ll definitely look into the Chuck e Cheese and Barnes and Noble reading programs. I’m wondering if these businesses might work with us on providing the incentives during our camp. I think many families just don’t get to these locations to allow the students to “cash in” on their rewards."

- Jennifer J.


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Target Audience: This course was created to help educators that work with children in the summer months when they are not attending school. This can be after school programs, child care centers, summer camps, community centers, libraries, museums or any youth summer programs.

Course Purpose: The purpose of this e-course is to help you develop a successful summer reading program that will help to support and minimize the "summer slide" or the summer set back that children experience from not having a daily routine inside the classroom. The ideas within the course are meant to be simple so that you can easily implement a plan to encourage and set aside time each day for reading. In addition, there are ideas that can benefit enrollment within your program with your summer reading program, and also your collaboration within the community.

Course Description: The online course will be based on a series of instructor videos and resources that guide participants through the process of starting a summer reading program, tools that can use or monitoring and evaluating, as well as resources and fun activities to engage readers.

Course Goals: The information provided in this course will teach you the following.

You will learn to:

  • How to set up a summer reading program that improves children’s reading motivation, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • How to use set up and prepare for a successful summer reading program simply and effectively
  • How to use tools to help you monitor and evaluate your summer reading program
  • How to get parents and families involved in the success of your summer reading program
  • Ideas to get children enthusiastic and bring the books to life that they are reading

Additional Course Benefits: You will receive the following support tools with enrollment in this course - A Simple and Fun Reading Log Template, An Evaluation Survey for Parents, Parent Letter, Recommended Reading Lists and dozens of ideas to bring your reading program to live this summer.

Your Instructor

Debbie Diller
Debbie Diller

Debbie Diller has been an educator for over 41 years and has taught PreK through 10th grade in public schools in PA and TX. Her experience ranges from being a classroom teacher to a Title I reading specialist to a migrant education teacher and a literacy coach.

Debbie Diller is a well-known name in education. For the past 18 years, she has worked alongside thousands of teachers in schools across the U.S. and Canada as a consultant, sharing her practical and innovative ideas for helping students be successful readers, writers, thinkers, and mathematicians. Debbie helps teachers work “smarter, not harder,” as she teaches with clarity and intention.

Debbie has written 6 books for elementary teachers and created many accompanying videos with Stenhouse Publishers on literacy and math stations, small group instruction, and setting up classroom spaces. Her most recent endeavor is the launch of online courses like this one and a book summarizing all she’s learned about teaching children to be independent—Growing Independent Learners. Check out her books and resources at www.debbiediller.com

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