Playground Supervision and Responsibility

"This course made me aware of mistakes in supervision that we are making at my school; that the supervisor is not to gather the children into a game but instead is the one who watches. Another mistake we make is that the supervisors often sit together on the bench. Another great gain I made from the course is the difference between an accident and an injury. That is very helpful as we establish recommendations for our program. This will help us have a much more effective training and policies."
-Vicki L.

"Great resource. Every playground supervisor and classroom teacher should take this training."
- Sarah G.

PECentral Courses listed below

"In addition to the below comments from Physical Education Teachers about these courses, many have submitted some of their work to PE Central to be featured in the Assessment section of the website. The amount of sharing and learning that is happening within these courses is impressive."

- Mark Manross, Executive Director, PE Central

Using Visual Support Cues with Children with Autism

"Very helpful class with information that I can really use in my PE class. Many of my autistic students come to my class with their daily schedules so I was familiar with the concept. However, I had never tried using my own visual supports that would be just for PE activities. I enjoyed learning about the different types of visual supports and am excited about trying them with some of my students. Very helpful instructor also!
- Carol S.

Locomotor Skills Unit with Lesson Plans

"This course provides clear lesson plans that can be used in elementary P.E. classes for all grades. It was easy to understand and the instructor was prompt with responses. I plan to take future courses with PECentral."
- Tristan, Elementary PE Teacher

"This was a great course and I would recommend it to other teachers. This is great for someone like myself who has no experience teaching but experience working with kids."
- New Elementary PE Teacher

Assessment in Elementary Physical Education

"Take the time to learn why written assessment is so important in PE! You will be given support and feedback on one of your own written assessments and tips on how to implement it successfully! So nice to have a PD experience that directly impacts my teaching and student learning! Thank you!"
- Vicky Schrock Fowler, Elementary PE Teacher

"This course is a great reminder about the importance of quality assessments in PE. The students actually loved the assessments and I learned a great deal about their individual skill and knowledge. The assessments given will help to drive my instruction so that all students will be successful!"
- Amber Ackley, Elementary PE Teacher

"When 'teacher observation' is your only assessment, this class can help! This class will help you find out more than just who can do the skill but who knows how to do the skill."
- Bradley Hoback, PreK & Elementary PE Teacher

"I appreciated the very fast response from the instructor!!! He provided meaningful feedback."
- PE Teacher (5-10 years)

"This course helped me to see that assessments in Physical Education don't need to be extensive. They can be short and simple and still provide a great deal of information to help structure your program."
- Nicole Z., Elementary PE Teacher (11+ years)

"This was a very useful course that was reasonably priced for the 12 hours of professional development that I received. I came away from the course with an assessment document that I will use in my classroom for the years to come. Dave offered knowledgeable feedback that I appreciated; I really enjoyed this course."
- Sue H., Elementary PE Teacher

"Written assessment in Physical Education classes should be a must. This course helped me write better assessments for my students."
-Pamela N.

"An excellent programme – I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I assess my students in PE. A very high pedagogical standard. Well done!"

Adapted PE: Using Assessment to Help Make Program Decisions

"This course was an excellent resource in understanding what is needed to know and understand while developing assessments for Adapted PE. It was also very useful in understanding the information for participating in IEP meeting in order to advocate for my PE program and for my students. Very user friendly and convenient!"
- Middle School PE Teacher

"This was well developed and paced with opportunities to check for understanding and resources to support professional needs."
- Michelle F., Elementary PE Teacher

"This course was a great review of material that I had in college, but needed to sharpen. It also provided a significant amount of new information and material that I will use to prepare for the challenges of day to day planning and assessment. Thank you! What I got was very useful. But I need more time to explore the resources that were provided. I hope that there is more where this came from!"
- Mary Beth Myers, High School PE Teacher

"Material provided was great. Reading material to download was good. I was able to identify concepts related to the testing for Adapted Physical Education. I was able to identify situations for decision making for children with unique needs."
- Elementary PE Teacher, Tanglewood Elementary

Teaching PE in Limited Spaces

"The course was very helpful in a time when space for physical activity is limited. The instructor gave great examples on how to utilize space and provided information on how to make lessons interesting and fun. It is a course that I recommend for any PE teacher no matter where you are at in your career"
- Roger Austin West Perry High School Penna.

"This course was great especially for teachers who struggle with teaching in limited space, both indoor and outdoor. The instructor was quick to give feedback and the course was finished at your own pace. I am certainly glad I took this course, and will definitely be taking another one of his courses."
- Meghan D.

Physical Literacy and How to Implement it into the Classroom

"I think the biggest take away I had for this course is the importance of confidence and desire on the persons ability, and therefore likely hood to continue to be physically active throughout life. I think that we as P.E. teachers play an important role in that. I can recall a time back when I was young trying to play baseball and didn't have the ability to hit fast pitch. Because I didn't receive proper instruction, feedback, or encouragement, it ultimately affected my confidence and eventually my desire to play the game and I ended up quitting. This course reminded me of that time in my life and I hope to me more sensitive of that moving forward in my teaching and coaching."
- Scott, PE Teacher

"From this course I learned what the term physical literacy truly means and how I can apply this to more and more of my students"
- Beckie, PE Teacher

"A major take-away that I have gained from this course is that each person/child can become Physically Literate but it will look a little different for each of one based upon where they are at physically and where they started from. Each person has the potential to become Physically Literate with guidance and direction just as each person has the potential to become Academically Literate with the same assistance. Being Physically Literate is just as essential in life as it is to be academically literate."
- Faith, PE Teacher

"One thing I'll take away from this course is the CONFIDENCE part of the definition. It's obvious to me that a physical literate person has the skills to be active and values being active for a lifetime, but the connection between the two is confidence. Those basic skills require confidence to grow, learn, try, which in turn leads to desire to participate more. Whether that confidence is conscious or subconscious for the student, it really has to be there in order for them to apply their skills in an enjoyable way."
- Sarah Chap

Introduction to Teaching Games for Understanding

Do you think/feel this curriculum model will help students become more competent participants of sports?

"When i looked at the assignments for this course my first thought was "this is a lot of work for CEU credits". But after completing the work my thought is this was a very well thought out learning opportunity. Over 36 years of teaching I have been through many workshops and classes to further my education and have found this to be one of the more resourceful and beneficial classes I've participated in."

"I feel like this model is designed to help students become physically active for life. It breeds positive experiences in PE where modification caters to all the participants and still challenges all that are involved. By using the TGFU approach we provide insight into the intricacies of games and how the rules and gameplay scenarios are what makes the game. Skills can be developed and focus on as needed, however the intangible experiences of solving their own problems and becoming dynamic sports thinkers, is a key skills that will enable them to participate in a variety of sports with transferable tactical and physical skills."
- Michael W.

"I do think this curriculum model will help my students become more competent. By focusing on games that reinforce tactical problems, students will be able to use their knowledge throughout sports outside of PE. By transferring skills such as offence and defence from a TGfU game into a soccer game outside of school, students will be have a better appreciation and understanding of how the game works. It challenges all students in the class and helps students work together as a team to engage in lifelong physical education and excitement for participation in physical activity."
- Erika W.

" By finding and developing games that incorporate skill work and thinking, students will be more engaged and I should have fewer discipline problems. I have 60 students to keep busy in a single gym so it's quite a challenge. This should help!"
-Jennifer Williams

"The TGFU course is definitely worth taking, its a different way of thinking about how we teach than most of us have experienced."
Rob P.

Delivering Developmentally Appropriate Lessons

"I enjoyed the course very much it was useful and I got some usable websites and strategies for my classroom!"
- Steven Stahl,PE Teacher

"The Criteria was very informal and educational. I enjoyed this particular course."
- Physical Education Coordinator - K-12

"Taking this course I became aware of all of the different types of PE related material is on the web. The course provides a simple way to discern the good from the bad. I especially liked the large list of web-sites that were fun and easy to look into.This course puts a shine on my professionalism as a teacher."
- Pre K, Elementary and Middle School PE Teacher

"The course was great, I learned a lot especially what is inappropriate, appropriate, PE games and activities. Thank you for the knowledge!"
- James Daniel III

Integrating Literacy into Physical Education

"I have learned so much from this course! I has given my the boost that I needed to write my goal for the year. In Minnesota we are required to write and execute a professional goal plan for Education Minnesota each year. I will be taking the lessons that I have already done and planning more for my goal for this school year. Delving into the standards has shown me that I can add these tools, charts, writing, reading and must more to help with students learning and studying physical education."

"The real challenge I had was actually doing a lesson plan. I have been teaching for over 30 years and have not had to turn in a formal lesson plan in the past 15 years. It was inspiring for me to see in writing that I actually do incorporate many authentic literacy strategies into my PE classroom. This class has reminded me to use a variety of literacy integrations in my classes. By modeling my expectations students will become more comfortable expressing themselves verbally, in writing and in projects. I have shared many of the articles from this class with our instructional coach. She was very impressed".
-Regina H.

Developing Rubrics for Physical Education

"The rubric development course was appropriate and meaningful to the field of physical education!"
-PreK & Elementary PE Teacher

My Favorite Apps for PE

"I wasn't sure if I would gain anything from taking this course but was pleasantly surprised! I felt that I would definitely try a few of the apps to get started, and then hopefully experiment with more that now are beyond my comfort tech levels. My students are K-3 so the ones that would help me the most were: Workout apps, especially the Sworkit Kids... like that I can preprogram routines for them to visually see and follow. I also would use the imovie w the movie trailer... love the choices to adapt it like a real trailer from an actual movie, staring us! QR codes are also something that I feel once I learn it, I could implement it immediately. Team shake was cool and I would like to try that app as well. Thank you for the great videos... I actually learned a lot and are ready to add tech to my PE lessons." - Donna H.

"My classes start next week so I will creating an iMovie to send within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all the great information. I look forward to implementing a couple of these apps this year." - Alixie M.

"I am so excited to FINALLY find a technology class for P.E. Teachers. I've played around with many things on my own but have sat through many in-service hours that do no help my instruction. So thank you in advance for helping an "older" generation P.E. instructor get in the 20th century!." - Janet H.

Teaching Games for Understanding

"The TGFU is a valuable tool that provides to us as teachers an opportunity to open our mind which can improve our knowledge in a variety learning areas; also it provide a new structure to develop creative lessons for our pupils. In my opinion this kind of approach should be encouraged by the schools as part of professional development." - Middle & High School PE Teacher

"As professionals, we wear many hats in the teaching community. It's easy to lose sight of what's most important because we're so busy. However, students deserve to know more, be involved more and have a greater understanding of their own learning. TGFU creates a platform for this."
-Elementary & Middle School PE TEacher

"This was way beyond what I expected. I finally found an online course that was well explained and it can truly be called a professional development! Loved it."
- PreK PE Teacher

Integrating Literacy into Physical Education

"I have learned so much from this course! I has given my the boost that I needed to write my goal for the year. In Minnesota we are required to write and execute a professional goal plan for Education Minnesota each year. I will be taking the lessons that I have already done and planning more for my goal for this school year. Delving into the standards has shown me that I can add these tools, charts, writing, reading and must more to help with students learning and studying physical education." - Pamela

"I am so excited to create more lesson and get started with teaching in this fashion when the school year starts in August. Thank you so much for you guidance and feedback throughout this course!! I am so glad I had the opportunity to take it!! " - Patti U.

"I really enjoyed this course and I’m looking forward to turn keying the information to my colleagues. I’ve already sent my Department Head some of the articles we’ve used, and I’m looking forward to sharing out the year long plan and working as an elementary staff to expand upon it and incorporate in all 5 buildings." - Maria M.

"I teach in a K-12 college prep school, so the more I can do to educate the children, the better off we all are. Prior to this course I knew how to integrate literacy into my high school and middle school classes, but I have always been hesitant with my lower school classes - in part because I was not confident in how to do it, and in part because I did not want to give up any of their “physical” time. I now feel confident to step forward and use my new-found knowledge! " - J. Lowe